Model Maintenance and Further Development

Continuous further development of our instruments is a matter of particular concern for us. During the last 20 years, we were able to establish cooperations with a great number of musicians.
In a good and amicable atmosphere there is room for criticism and suggestions, and this ensures a direct and efficient contact between musician and producer.
I would like to stress especially the long lasting and intense cooperation with Wolfgang Tomböck, who has tested each and every step in development of the Vienna Horn in an unselfish way, with great enthusiasm, and with enormous experience, and who contributed to my work with many of his great ideas.
Concerning the further development in the area of the natural horn, I would like to emphasize the long lasting cooperation with the Deutsche Naturhorn Solisten and the Deutsche Hornensemble.
Furthermore, I would like to thank many customers from around the world who have added to my work with their feedback.

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