Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing & Ordering
We endeavor to provide all customers who visit our workshop and made an appointment in advance with a selection of several instrumens. You can then either immediately take the selected instrument with you or have it delivered later. It is also possible to have the instrument shipped, we charge factory costs for freight and insurance. We do not ship a selection of instruments to choose from.

Why are our instruments not lacquered?
There is a lot of controversy concerning this issue. It is undisputed however that unlacquered instrumend are easier to repair. If the lacquer has to be renewed, it is always necessary to repolish the instrument and hence reduce the sheet thickness of the instrument. Hand sweat creeps under the lacquer which remains unspoiled only for a short time, and eats away more material.
What is more, the dreaded zinc oxidation which becomes visible through the appearance of red dots is almost unknown with unlacquered instruments. In my personal collection I have instruments that are several hundreds of years old, all unlacquered, and all free of this kind of oxidation.
I am, however, aware that there is a number of top experts that argue the controverse, and that there are customers who do not wish to play unlacquered instruments.
On special customer demand you can of course also have the instruments lacquered. I have established a cooperation with the Gollob company which produces first-class lacquering.

How to oil the valves of the Vienna Horn:

How to use the click-system for maintaining the valves of the Vienna Horn:

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