Viennese Tuba in F

Viennese Tuba in F


This slim Tuba in F with six valves is another traditionally Viennese instrument.
The robust and centered sound tonally excellently blends with the trombone register.
Another domain of the Viennese tuba is the small brass ensemble (quintet tuba).
Having 3 valves on the right side, and three on the left side, the Viennese fingering system allows for an excellent intonation and renders triggers dispensable. The slim design of the corpus furthermore provides for a relaxed and ergonomically favorable playing position.
The position of the lead pipe will be individually adjusted to each customer's needs.

In order to make this instrument accessible also to customers who are not familiar with the admittedly rather different Viennese fingering system, this tuba can also be made in a 4+2 version.

The corpus is completely hand-made, and we use 0.55 mm brass sheet steel, which is a rather lightweight design for a Tuba in F but results in an easy and direct response.

For customers who prefer a darker sound, a heavier version of this tuba is also available.

Height: 910 mm
Bell diameter: 350 mm
Bore diameter: 17 mm




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